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Ferrari Katowice

Service & parts

Official Ferrari Service

Genuine Maintenance is Ferrari's exclusive program that helps to ensure that its vehicles are maintained to the highest level for maximum performance and safety.

Welcome to Ferrari Katowice Service Station



No matter if you use your Ferrari on track or for city driving, it should always be in its peak condition to provide you with the full potential. Ferrari Katowice Service Station is committed to getting your car ready for driving through our passion that Ferrari make deserves, at the same time ensuring you of the best service quality.


All the work in Ferrari Katowice Service Station is performed only by the use of genuine Ferrari spare parts, which ensure servicing and Ferrari factory quality.


Despite general mechanical, guarantee and sheet-metal and painting repairs, we also provide the following services:

  • car storage during winter
  • advanced car detailing and securing
  • pre-purchase check-up and technical condition assessment


If you are looking for Ferrari Service Station in Poland and if you would like to know more about our Service Station or see the conditions we store and service the cars in, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone.


Appoint to service

Ferrari Katowice official service
Phone:+48 32 797 34 35

Service request

Assistance 24h
Phone:(22) 205 51 51, 0 801 005 034

Spare Parts and Accessories



Ferrari Katowice and our Spare Parts and Accessories Department own a storehouse of genuine Ferrari spare parts and provides the assistance in finding any Ferrari spare part or accessory that Ferrari Factory in Maranello produces.

Each spare part that we sell has been produced in compliance with Ferrari standards and specifications, ensuring operating and using your Ferrari at the highest performance. All the spare parts possess Ferrari Genuine certificate, which confirms the authenticity of the parts produced. Only genuine spare parts allow unfailing functioning of your car.

If you need any assistance while purchasing the parts or accessories, please contact us today via a form, e-mail or phone, and our specialists will be happy to answer your questions.


3 years of POWER warranty


POWER (Pre Owned Warranty for Exclusive Retail)


7 years service program

Scheduled service

Service description