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Ferrari Katowice

About us

Ferrari Katowice - Official dealer and service

Ferrari – the Pietrzak Group



The Pietrzak Group, being the exclusive importer of Ferrari make in Poland since 2013, has been present on the Polish automotive market since 1994.


At present, the company manages seven facilities, where you can find authorized points of sale and service stations of such makes as Renault, Peugeot, Dacia and Ferrari.


The effect of long standing experience of the Pietrzak Group are one of the best in Poland sales figures and trust of thousands of clients. Consistency of actions allows to implement the development strategy the Group is aiming for. This is one of the reasons why Ferrari make put its trust into the Pietrzak family and permitted to start an authorized dealership of Ferrari in Katowice, whose official inauguration took place June 7, 2013.


Since that day, Ferrari Katowice team has organized a few nationwide premieres of the latest models of Ferrari range as well as interesting events dedicated to the clients of the make and our showroom. Ferrari Katowice is also an authorized Service Station, whose employees are the top class specialists with many years of international experience. In December 2014 Ferrari Katowice showroom was enlarged with additional 450 square meters and now holds a permanent exposition of four new and three used models.


Another important project took place in 2014 when Ferrari showroom was opened in Warsaw. The Pietrzak Group undertook this challenge together with Adam Niesłuchowski, up to that time the owner of an advertising agency Red8 Group. In its beginnings, Warsaw showroom was operating with the licence of Katowice dealership, but as early as November 2014, the company of Pietrzak Group and Adam Niesłuchowski received the Ferrari authorization and since then the showroom in 6/12 Nowy Świat Street has been operating under the name Ferrari Warszawa. The showroom’s owners have ambitious plans concerning its future.

We are at your disposal

Ferrari Katowice

ul. Bocheńskiego 109
40-816 Katowice Poland
GEO: 18.983767, 50.256076
Phone: +48327973434
Fax: +48327973436

Opening hours

mo-fr: 10:00 - 18:00
sob.: 9:00 - 14:00

Service opening hours

mo-fr: 9:00 - 17:00
sat.: closed

Bogdan Pietrzak Owner of Ferrari Katowice and Ferrari Warszawa
Jakub Pietrzak Owner/General Director of Ferrari Katowice
Wojciech Włodarczyk Sales manager +48 660 567 750
Karolina Szulęcka Marketing Director +48 660 567 701
Maciej Nowak Sales advisor +48 664 915 486
Karol Kurpierz Detailing + 48 537 978 193
Paweł Kossak Service manager +48 660 567 731
Marek Nitkiewicz Service advisor +48 660 567 702
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